what are we doing?

What difference can a small business like ours make?

We imagine a world where hemp can be part of everyone’s daily life, from the food in our cupboards, to the beverages we drink, the textiles we wear and the insulation in our homes. For this to become a reality, sustainable practices and a respect for our environment must become an integral part of business.

We started Gaia’s Farming Co. because we believe that harnessing the power of hemp will create a lasting legacy in the fight to protect our Earth. Led by the singular purpose of utilising a plant that is immensely beneficial to our Earth, harnessing hemp can bring about true change to our environment and to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

the carbon offset hemp calculator

Move the slider to work out how much C02 hemp can remove.


Driving 5000km
in a petroleum car

(1 metric tonne of hemp offsets 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide)


460 tonnes
of cement

10 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 3,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


5000 train trips
between Paris & Marseille

20 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 6,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


30 years
of a household's

30 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 9,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


40 plane trips
from Paris France to Casablanca, Morocco

40 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 12,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


smartphones being charged

50 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 15,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

What about carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting, although not perfect, is an essential practice to mitigate the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions and in turn to fight climate change. Simply put, carbon offsetting allows us to balance out our carbon footprint by investing in projects that reduce or remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we produce from our business operations.

These projects can range from forest conservation and reforestation to renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. By taking responsibility for our emissions and investing in carbon offset projects, we are helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and prevent the worst effects of climate change.

We believe that sustainability is not just an ethical imperative, but also a business imperative. Our commitment to sustainability is integral to our business strategy and helps us to build a better, more resilient future for all.

Our plan: 
Gaia’s Carbon Project

Our company motto is ‘It’s in our hands’’ and we believe in practising what we preach. With lots of scrutiny on the viability and effectiveness of the companies and institutions that thousands entrust to build the offsetting projects around the world we came up with the crazy idea of doing it ourselves. 

We use a trusted third party partner to measure our carbon footprint and then we use that metric to find out the net cost for this carbon credit. We plan to then use that monetary metric and work with people on the ground to build the best project that can actually have a positive impact on the planet. Think of it like fairtrade but for Carbon Credits. 

We are doing this because we believe in making a true and trusted difference. As opposed to displaying some images that the carbon offsetting providers send us to use. We want to be there, working with the people on the ground and bringing you along with us. It’s business, but done better. It’s Gaia’s Carbon Project. 

Combining Gaia’s Carbon Project with our 1% pledge commitment we know we’re building something special. A business we can all be proud of. 

get involved.

Our project is open to all businesses, so if you want to get involved email us at