Gaia's Sticker Pack

Gaia's Sticker Pack

Gaia's Sticker Pack

Have fun with Gaia's Sticker Pack! Featuring Earthy and his adventures. These stickers will be perfect for your laptop, lunch box or even on your fridge (to remind mum and dad a few things).

- 3 pack of vinyl stickers

- Matte & Glossy Finish

- Suitable for all smooth surfaces

- Weatherproof

All orders over £50 will get a free sticker pack

£ 3.50 GBP

 Hemp is naturally gluten and soy free. Yay for those who prefer to avoid them.

We only add what’s needed to make sure you get the best possible product. However, we will never use preservatives.

Who wants added sugars when you have the natural sweet taste of oats. Absolutely no added sugars.

No refined sugars! We prefer to find better solutions so we only use natural fruit sugar from grapes. With 40% less sugar compared to other chocolate milk drinks.

Hemp naturally has the perfect ratio of omega-3 and 6. Both are polyunsaturated fats, the good ones. They help to contribute to a healthy diet.

perfect in...

This is our barista standard. Silky and microfoamable, perfect for latte art, if that's your thing. Or just works well with instant coffee and tea. Simple.

Replace dairy on the bakery shopping list with our Hemp & Oat m*lk. From cakes to cupcakes, it's great.

Perfect for smoothies- whether that’s a protein shake or a super green smoothie. Low in calories and high in the good stuff.

We expect your cereal to be drowned in our plant based m*lk. No exceptions.