Community Spotlight on: Zoe Mitchell - Zoem Yoga & Sound

Zoe Mitchell - Movement & Sound Healer

Zoe is a yoga teacher and sound healer. She creates a safe space for healing in movement and sound, using sequences, meditation and crystal bowl sounds to bring you to your own balance and wellbeing.

1. What was the most exciting part of starting your own business? 

Definitely the ability to work for myself! I think the most exciting part was the learning aspect of it all, I haven’t come from a business background whatsoever, so it was the researching, networking and learning, how to build what’s what - all that jazz! It’s stressful but exciting

2. What is the most challenging part of building your community?

I guess the actuality of building a community! If that makes sense. Because people think you can ping yourself on social media and then you have the world at your fingertips and your business will take off etc, but it absolutely does not. Social media is just a small percentage of building that community. Also, the yoga world is so saturated in London, so you have to find your unique selling point for what you can offer, and what’s actually going to make a difference to peoples’ lives. And then of course, you need to find those people that are looking for what you’re offering. I had to learn to not be afraid to step outside of my comfort zone, and to embrace meeting and connecting with new people every day. There isn’t a day off when it comes to building your community. 

3. How do you ensure the growth of your business stays in line with your ethics? 

It’s definitely about not listening to outsiders, and instead staying true to yourself, and remembering what you need to do - not what others need. For example, when I lost my main bill-paying job which was scary, and I had to stop myself from focusing on the financial element of my yoga business - holding loads of classes just to make more money, because that’s what friends had suggested to do. Because that’s not why I hold classes, but the opposite. I do this, so people can take something away from my teachings, not for me to make money- If I do, well that’s just a bonus.

4. Advice on staying sustainable as an entrepreneur?

For me, it’s just about being mindful about every aspect of my business. For example, my business cards are made by a sustainable printing company, they’re created from recycled materials and they use vegan-ink. Once you plant the cards, flowers grow from them, which then helps the bees, and so on. A lot of promotion leaflets etc get thrown away, I don’t want to be a part of that. So I choose something more expensive, but that is sustainable. Also, my yoga mats are made out of bamboo, and I only clean them with a natural ingredient solution. I want to support small brands whilst building my own business. It’s all about the little things. 

5. What motivates you to keep building your business when things get tough? 

It's giving back, every single time. Remembering how I felt after going to my first yoga class after someone offered that to me, and then knowing I can now offer that to other people. Even if you’re helping just one out of ten people, it’s making a difference to that one person.  That’s a big emotional reward for me, which then lifts my purpose and drive to continue. It’s also about knowing it’s ok to have ups and downs, and to not feel motivated all the time. That’s not a failure. Failure to me is just a first attempt at learning.

6. If you have one super power, how would you help the world?

Sprinkling some healing magic! 

7. What is your favourite Gaia’s product?

The Hemp & Almond butter is my favourite!

Zoe streams a free Sound Bath live on Instagram, once a week!

Zoe holds Yin Yoga and a Mini Sound Bath at The Little Escape Studio, in Crystal Palace - 40 Westow St, London SE19 3AH. 

Every Tuesday evening at 8pm. 

Find the link here:

Zoe also holds frequent sound bath sessions either in Crystal Palace or somewhere in nature. A monthly class is also coming to Wimbledon SW19 very soon!