hemp based goodness fuelling you & mother earth

introducing our butters

We turned your everyday delight, peanut butter, and made it better by adding our nutritious superfood, hemp. Nut Butter, But Better! Better for you, better for the planet.

the all star lineup

From your everyday oat m*lk, award winning chocolate m*lk or our nut & seed butters. You'll find something you'll love. Better for you, better for Mother Earth.

the carbon offset hemp calculator

Move the slider to work out how much C02 hemp can remove.


Driving 5000km
in a petroleum car

(1 metric tonne of hemp offsets 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide)


460 tonnes
of cement

10 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 3,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


5000 train trips
between Paris & Marseille

20 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 6,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


30 years
of a household's

30 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 9,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


40 plane trips
from Paris France to Casablanca, Morocco

40 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 12,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide


smartphones being charged

50 metric tonnes of hemp offsets 15,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

our mission

We believe we have a responsibility to protect our Mother Earth, and we believe hemp is the answer. This humble, carbon guzzling, nutrient giving, low water using, super plant, is just as good for the environment as it is for you. 

Using hemp, we create nutritious and sustainable deliciousness, making it easy to include hemp based food and drink into your every day routine. 

Natural, nutritious, sustainable, better. 

Oat milk but better

Plant based milks, with all the benefits of a dairy alternative, but even better.

gaia's commitment

We believe actions speak louder than words, so we’ve committed to the 1% Pledge, giving 1% of our sales and 1% of our team's time to causes that matter. Giving back is in the very DNA of our culture and we will continue to work with causes that matter to us all.

"the Most amazing nut butters! I've stocked our pantry up on gaia's products because the family just can't get enough."

“Peanut Butter that is good for me and the Earth. Never looking back”

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find us here

Click below to find where we are... and if you cannot find us in your local stores, please reach out to tell us. We would love to work our magic to get to a store near you soon.

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